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    How to morph an object in a tween sequence?


      I have created a tween motion, established the start and finish points.  I started with one symbol.  Is it possible to change symbols (have one symbol morph into a different symbol) as it travels along the path?  I am new, this is the trial  version, and I have been at this all day without success.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To do shape tweening you can only utilize raw graphics, not symbols... for example, you draw a red square in one frame, and down the timeline you draw a blue circle, and then you apply a shape tween to the frame with the red square... that will morph from the red square into the blue circle.


          So to have the object morphing as it is moving in a motion tween, you essentially have to first create the symbol as a movieclip that contains the shape tween, and then use that movieclip as the symbol you animate with a motion tween.

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