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    Exporting video in Flash is rubbish


      Hey there!


      I've been using Flash for about nine years, mostly for design and animation, so when I started doing video work, I wanted to use Flash to create my animations, on-screen graphics, etc. because I know the tools and I know how powerful it is as an animation tool.


      Previous versions really only rendered the action in the main timeline, which meant you couldn't do any complex animations because Flash simply wouldn't render nested MovieClips.  I got excited about Flash CS4 primarily because it claimed that you would be able to render nested MovieClips.


      Well, you can, kinda.  You can only export it via QuickTime MOV (which isn't a big deal) but unless I create a really simple animation or set it to a really low resolution, the recorder (which records the nested animations for rendering) gives up half-way through and then continues to render the movie.  As a result, I'll get rendered movies that stop moving half-way through.  I have no idea why Flash can't take its time and render all elements all the way through like a real NLE can.


      Because of this, I have to create very basic animations at limited resolutions or stuff will stop moving entirely when rendered


      Where is my improved render support?