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    AJAX and Actionscript to Control FLV Playback Skin


      I have AJAX running on an application that opens up a new panel displaying a flash video. The flash video uses one of the FLV Playback skins. When I play the video on the panel, everything is fine. But, when I close the panel with the javascript-enabled button, the video would still play even though the panel and video are "gone" from the html page.


      I was looking into using javascript to talk to actionscript to control the FLV Playback skin's stop function so that when the close panel function is activated, the video play's stop function would be called. How do I find out the path to and the name of the stop function inside the playback skin? Is it possible to call the stop function inside the FLV Playback skin? Or, would it be easier to create my own video controller?


      I hope this is clear. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.