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    html/swf plays fine in browser from HD, not over web

    vwgn Level 1

      I am taking a flash class and working on my project, I am almost done, but its not working right. I published the fla to an html page, all I changed was I added a div to center the slideshow, but it doesnt work from the web. It plays fine on my pc in FF3.0 and IE if I open it from the HD. What did I do wrong? I uploaded all files including the AC js file.. It will be a week bfore I am back in class, and there isnt much emphasis put on making this stuff web "worthy", as most of the people in my class are more interested in games and video.  Also, why is my swf so bulky? At 5,091kb its awfully huge. I set the images at 70% and compress movie was checked. The FLA is only 100kb bigger! I would greatly appreciate any help you may have..


      page is here http://vwgn.freehostia.com/jphoto76/index.html