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    Activation Issues

    St. Mark 8:36


      I purchased a new laptop a month or so ago.  One of the first things I did was install Fireworks on it. When I tried to open  it I was told that I had exceeded the number of activations allowed. I didn't  even know there was a limited number. I never imagined I'd have an issue.


      All I have is my PC and my laptop. I did have  the program on another laptop that I sold. But I deleted the program from it  before selling it and had no idea that I needed to officially uninstall  Fireworks and let Adobe know so I could have the privilege of installing it on  my new laptop.

      So, God as my witness, all I have Fireworks on is my PC and  new laptop. Can anyone help me before I'm forced to purchase more activations? I  really shouldn't have to since I'm only going to have it on my two computers.   Thanks.