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    help me!!! SWFLoader loads black screen in front of Flashpaper2

    sick for home

      if(printVB.getChildByName("fpSendfax")){printVB.re  moveChild(printVB.getChildByName("fpSendfax"));}

      var ldr:SWFLoader = new  SWFLoader();
      ldr.name = "fpSendfax";
      var url:String =  "flash/flashpaperloader.swf";
      ldr.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,  function(event:Event):void {printVB.addChild(ldr)});


      I use the above code to load a flashpaper which is generated by coldfusion cfc.  When I load the movie for the first time it works great.


      If i reload another movie I get a black screen and the flashpaper loads in the  background.




      It there anything we can do?