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    Ajax developer: Embed video




      When I try to embed a flash video file (FLV), regular flash file (SWF) of any other video file (MOV/AVI/MPG) in my html based Adobe AIR apllication, it crashes.


      I use Adobe Dreamweaver for development of the application. To embed swf and flv, I used the standard embed code provided by Dreamweaver. Both codes crashed my application.


      Other codes I used:


      <object type="video/quicktime" data="test.mov" width="250" height="140">
      <param name="controller" value="false" >
      <param name="autoplay" value="true">



      <embed src="test.mov" width="250" height="140">


      This two codes didn't crash the application, but also didn't display a the video.


      When previewed in Safari, all off the above codes display my video, so this most likely is a problem with the adobe air webkit engine.
      Google couldn't help me, maybe someone in this forum knows a solution to display video in a html based AIR application.