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    photos look different (bad) when placed in InDesign CS4

    modern-i Level 1

      I'm having a problem in that my photos look bad when viewed in InDesign. I labor on my photos until they're looking perfect in Photoshop -- with just the right color balance and tonalities -- but when I place them in ID, they look much darker and redder, or oversaturated. Then I look at them again in Photoshop, and they look fine. What gives? Which program is showing the real state of the photo? Btw, the photos are using the same color profile in both programs and the monitor is unchanged b/w viewings.


      I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what I can do about this? It makes me very nervous to see my photos looking so bad in InDesign, where I prepare my layouts for offset printing. Will they print as I see them in Photoshop or will they print as I see them in InDesign (which would be dreadful)? At this point I'm hesitant to make further adjustments and hoping it's the Photoshop view that's correct.


      But why is this happening in the first place? Is there some setting I should be fixing? Or is there a color issue or incompatiblity b/w Photoshop and InDesign that I'm unaware of?


      I'm using ID and Photoshop CS4 on Mac OSX 10.4.11


      Hope someone out there can help me with this issue.


      Thanks in advance!