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    Can Flex do this?


      Hi there,


      I'm currently trying to figure out whether Flex is the best option for a new interactive educational program I'm involved in, and was wondering if anyone could let me know if Flex would be suitable to accomplish the following tasks:

      1. I have a 270 degree video, about 400-500px high, however I only want to display approx. the center 120 degrees (700-800px) of it at a time. Can I make it so that the user can hover over the left of the screen (or click a button) to pan the viewer to the left or right, to view the remaining video (somewhat like the Immersive Media viewer - http://www.immersivemedia.com/#demo34). The video itself will be streamed via a high speed educational network so load times should not be an issue.

      2. Since the video will be spherical, can (or should) it be mapped onto the inside of a sphere (I think this is how it needs to be done)? It seems the immersive media viewer works like this too.

      3. Is it possible to blur the video slightly, in such a way that when you move the mouse over the video, the portion of the video within 100px or so from the cursor becomes clear? For example if theres a road sign in the video, you would need to move your mouse over it to be able to clearly read the roadsign.

      4. Obviously this is a big, complicated job, so would you recommend spending a fortune getting a advertising agency to take care of it (with much of the budget making the directors rich), or are there specialised independent Flex developers out there that could get the job done well? Could be difficult since I am in New Zealand and we'd need someone local.


      If Flex cant do any of this, could you recommend a way that would work (eg Silverlight - god forbid, I hate microsoft)?


      Thanks in advance for your advice!