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    Moving layer + all keyframes

    Kenneth Brøgger



      I need to move a layer, and all of its containing keyframes.


      Info: I have several layers, listed above eachother as a list compared to a vertical menu. I would like to dublicate these layers, with its animation, instead of animating all of it...


      Can this be done, in a easy and timesaving way?



      Thank you very much.

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Hey Kenneth.


          Are you trying to do one thing, or two separate things?


          If you're tyring to move a layer's positon overall, but it's position has already been animated, you can:


          • Move the CTI over a keyframe
          • Select the word "Position" in the timeline (it will highlight all position keyframes)
          • Adjust the position of the layer, offestting it as needed, and all other keyframes will be offset as well




          • Create a Null
          • Parent your layer to the Null
          • Move the Null to offset the position of the animated layer


          You also seem to be wanting to duplicate a series of layers.

          I would suggest selecting all of the layers in question, "precomposing" them, and duplicating the precomp (then doing whatever you needed to the duplicate).

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            elaine montoya Level 3

            I'm not sure if I completely understand your question...so let me clarify first.

            - you have multiple layers you want to duplicate because you need to re-use them and you don't want to have to redo them again


            If this is correct, simply:

            - precompose the layers

               - in the timeline, select all the layers

               - Layer > Pre-compose

            - then, duplicate the new composition as need be

               - select the new composition

               - command | control d


            Is this what you are trying to do?


            good luck!


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              Kenneth Brøgger Level 1

              Hi Elaine and Steve


              Thank you very much... Steves answer did the job... Thank you again guys!