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    How to import / edit without needing key frame? "MP4 (x264 codec) wrapped as AVI" source file.


      Sorry, I'm a newbie at this, and very much appreciate any help!


      I have source files which are (aparently) "MP4 made using the freedom software x264 codec wrapped up as AVI" and each are about 10 minutes in length.


      I want to cut sections out of these 10 minute clips (as I have done many times with other AVIs) and drop them into my project.  When I do this, the end result in the right hand viewing frame is full of artifacts (I presume because this format requires a key frame to base delta frames on or something??).


      a) is there a quick way to solve this in some settings or something?


      b) if not, is there a way to convert the files I have to an AVI format that I'm more used to, where every frame is a full frame?


      Thanks in advance.