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    Auto-Zoom for Spot Healing Brush: setting

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      The time it takes us who work on image files for agents or our own image libraries, can sometimes be minimally to drastically reduced by way of tool setting preferences. Let's say one has,  10 steps to get through an image for upload or burn to media. Getting this done in 9 would be very helpful.


      From time to time dust spots occur on our sensors and appear on our image files. What we have to do to rid them of these buggers is to grab the spot healing brush, then take that extra step of scrolling the mouse button over & over or typing in a 100-200% then hitting the Enter button. Solution?


      Add a setting in Preferences for this.


      Zoom In/Out: click here for automatically zooming in xxx% when the Zoom tool is selected. You type in the amount (I like 150%).


      Now here is the key; when selecting the Zoom tool you merely get the tool with a + symbol, instead add a flyout with Preferences as a second zoom option, thereby not forcing one to work with the auto-setting tool. This way the option is available for either individually clicking once at a time or choosing the pre-set tool.


      And remember this is for working on a number of files consecutively so as to minimize the steps again & again.

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          You've no problem with this type of thing - Photoshop is extremely well designed to help you zoom, and preview a lighting speed already if you know certain techniques


          Here's your options…


          1  the Navigator panel allows you to locate and view close image areas very quickly - there is a slider for zooming. For spotting alone this is a useful and very old tool.


          2 Most people don't know this but at the bottom of your document window where it says the viewing percentage, if you hold down your command (control) key, while moving the cursor over the percentage -  you have a slider allowing instant zooming.


          3 There is a new function called Birds Eye View - I think its set to the K or H key by default. Just by pressing this key it zooms you to full screen and allows you to see what you are doing, and then choose where to zoom back in instantly - annoyingly it DOESN'T automatically take you back to where you were. Now this would be a useful feature request.


          4 In CS4 zooming is extremely fast holding the shortuts command/space or command/option/space - replace control for command if you are all on PC


          Zooming on Photoshop is so brilliantly well executed at the moment, that the problem is perhaps more likely with your training and experience I think than the app. Sorry

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            Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

            And something else I just thought of - if the spots are in the same PLACES in consecutive images - Camera RAW allows you to apply the same spotting to each image by just doing it a single time.

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              Thanks Mark


              Yes these are indeed useful, however they do not reduce the steps needed to accomplish the workflow.


              I am looking for Adobe code writers to actually reduce the steps, thereby reducing the time we all can use so much more of.