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    Defaulting to Projector on an eDVD?

    Applied CD Level 1

      I’ve burned an eDVD using Nero Recode with an autorun.inf and projector file on the data partition. Set-top DVD players recognize the DVD video partition and play the video as expected. On four test PCs (all XP so far) 2 default to the video, one defaults to the projector and my own machine is an interesting case: it has two DVD drives, one defaults to the projector, the other defaults to the video. Is there any way to make a hybrid DVD video/data disk that will reliably favor the data content on XP and Vista?


      I know about the InterActual player. I’ve read about mixed experiences with the player and the additional install would make that option a non-starter for my client anyway. For this proposal to work the technology behind the hybrid disk would have to be completely transparent to the end user … works like a DVD video on set-top players, always works like an application disk on PC’s.