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    RoboHelp RH8 crashes when using RH7 environment file

    Philip Tory Level 1

      I am just trying the RoboHelp 8 trial.

      • I created a new blank project.
      • I loaded an environment file that I use regularly in RH7 (attached as "authorgraphic_env2.txt" - just change the extension to .rhs). The environment appears, but all the tabs (the bits that stick out) are missing until I open a topic.
      • If I click on the Index or Glossary tab, after 5 seconds the tab disappears, and 15 seconds later, RH8 crashes, followed by the "shall I report this to Miscroft?" prompt. This has happened 4 times in a row. Repeatable fault.

      Error signature is:
      AppName: robohtml.exe AppVer: ModName: toolkitpro1042vc80u.dll

      ModVer: Offset: 001b2b92


      Any ideas, anyone?


      (BTW, this system does not allow me to upload environment files with .rhs extension. This is daft! Please pass on...)




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          Philip Tory Level 1

          Thanks Rick - Bug Reported.


          (This forum site is as slow as a slug, isn't it?)

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            johndaigle Level 4

            Hi, Philip

            I have just opened over ten .rhs environments in RH 8 made with RH 7. Some of these are pretty weird with "pinned" tabs and strange contortions I used for testing. One I had received from Rick in November of 2007. So, I'm trying to figure out what might be different between our setups.


            One thing that sticks out in your error message is a reference to "toolkitpro1042vc80u.dll"


            This would seem to refer to the Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS4 which was an optional installation that is new to RoboHelp 8 to support the new scripting features. Maybe you missed this step in the Trial installation? Perhaps you could look under Add/Remove and see if Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS4 is installed. If not, I wonder if this is a requirement to assure compatibility with .rhs created in older versions?


            I'm glad you reported it as a bug, because if the toolkit is a requirement, this needs to be documented or the toolkit is not "optional" afterall.

            Just a thought...

            John Daigle

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              Philip Tory Level 1

              Hello John,


              Thanks for your email.


              It could be that the original file was corrupted in some way, but still

              works in RH7 (attached).


              See my last posting; I managed to open one of Peter's environment files and

              rearrange that into what I want (attached).


              The reason I choose this environment is that, on a screen of 1024 x 768

              resolution, my environment offers 41% of the total screen area for working

              in a topic, plus full-height views of the Project Manager, ToC, Index,

              Glossary and Topics List panes. It is much easier to work with than the

              default environment, which only allows 28% screen area for the topic.



                 STOP PRESS


              I just opened RH8 afresh to capture a screenshot for you. I loaded the

              environment file that I had just created, and it went through the same CRASH

              sequence as I had before.


              Could this be a corrupted RH8 installation? Or is it because I didn’t

              install the Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS4, because I'm a Tech Author and

              wouldn’t know how to write scripts.





              Philip Tory BSc(Hons), Dip.M.



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                Philip Tory Level 1

                Hello Guys,                    (Vivek for info)


                Forum http://forums.adobe.com/message/1929418


                The "answer" didn't work after all; RH8 Trial is still crashing when I load

                environment files.


                So I uninstalled RH8, rebooted the PC, reinstalled RH8, and took a video

                capture of the resulting crash and the steps I took to get there. See

                attached "authorgraphic_robohelp_8_crashed_exe.txt". Just change the

                extension to .exe and run it. (I have virus-scanned it with Norton

                Anti-Virus, so it's OK.)


                Sorry, I couldn't get along with Captivate; this is done with BB Flashback.


                Is this a bug? What next, I wonder? Try running it on another PC?






                Philip Tory,

                Authorgraphic Ltd   UK

                Tel: +44 (0)1452 - 500 639


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                  Alan_Davidson Level 1

                  Hi Philip,


                  I've been trying out a trial version of RH 8 for the past week and also experienced crashes. I installed it on three different machines. On each machine, the first thing I did was to load my environment from RH 7. On each machine, RH crashed after a few minutes. On the first two machines,

                  it crashed only once on each machine. On the third machine, it has crashed probably three times. I didn't relate the crashing to the loading of the environment, but I suppose that could have something to do with it.


                  However, RH 8 just doesn't seem very stable in general. Each time it crashed, it lost my environment setting as well as my turning off of personalized menus. It also seems to run very slowly. Text input, opening of dialog boxes, and just getting cursor focus are sometimes unbearable slow. I applied the "fix" from Peter Grainge's site and that seems to have helped somewhat but not entirely. Also, I shut down RH at one point because it was running so slowly, and after starting it back up, all of the paragraph styles I had defined and all the edits to existing paragraph styles that I had made were gone!

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                    Philip Tory Level 1

                    Hello Alan,


                    Sorry, I cannot help you with an answer. I'm still using RH7 because it's stable and I don't have these hassles. I hope they'll fix the problem somehow with a minor release; then I'll give it another try a bit later on.

                    Try sending feedback to Adobe using the link farther up the page?