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    AE Open GL error?

    fluxfoto Level 1

      Could some one help me with this please?


      When I apply a trapcode effect and start to scrub the timeline to see the effect I get this error.  It goes something like " unable to render...render resolution too low...AE_Open GL error"...Then it gives me a chance to save before crashing.  I could apply color corrections and curves but when it comes to trapcode stuff it always crashes.


      I recently had to do a fresh reinstall with windows XP and all programs so I know my hardware is good as it ran beautifully before.  Quadcore penitum with 4 gig ram and nvidia sfx 7900 graph.card.


      The other issue is after reinstallation of trapcode softwares it wont show up in AE; I had to manually put the folders in the AE subfolders Plugins.


      What should I do?  thank you in advance...

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          When you re-installed the OS...did you re-install your display driver?

          If so, have you tried disabling OpenGL in the preferences to see if the situation improves any?


          When the trapcode installers run, they should prompt you with a dialog box and pulldown menu regardomg which software/file path you'd like to install.

          Did you choose the right application/location?


          Are you running XP, or XP64?

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            fluxfoto Level 1

            Thanks for helping me Steve,

            I am running XP Prof 32 bit, and did install the latest Nvidia geforce driver, maybe I should switch back to the original OEM driver?


            When installing trapcode it prompted me toward C:\Programs

            I tried it twice with leaving the prompt as is and click next to proceed, then trapcode did not show up in AE ( strange..last time I installed it the same way and it showed up)

            Second time I steered it toward C:\Programs\Adobe\Support files\Plugins\effects and it did show up then, but then I get that Open GL error...

            I will try that disble the Open GL option tonight when I get home and see if it helped.


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              TimeRemapper Level 4

              You can try installing the plugins here instead:




              If disabling OpenGL resolves the crashing issue, then rolling back your driver version to a "safe" earlier version may be a good option to pursue.

              When doing so, use an app like Driver Cleaner Pro to help make sure your registry isn't wonked-out.

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                fluxfoto Level 1

                Thank you Steve!

                I'll try that when I get home tonight.

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                  fluxfoto Level 1

                  All your suggestions worked! and AE is now running beautifully.

                  Thank you!