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    Adobe Media Encoder Crashes

    Steve Wiggins

      I am using the latest version of AME. When I try to convert a batch of several .m2t files to QuickTime h.264, AME just disappears. No warning, no "report a problem" box, nothing. The app just crashes. So instead of being able to load up a bunch of files for conversion overnight, I'm having to spend all week baby sitting this POS. Any ideas?

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Please provide these details to help us help you.


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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Why would you try to use AME for a POS, point of sale?

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              Steve Wiggins Level 1

              xp pro

              dual core

              1 Tb raid

              2 gb ram

              nothing elase running

              cache on another drive



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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                nothing elase running


                That is not possible under XP. You have a multitude of processes running, at least 20 but possibly over 40 or 50.

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                  Steve Wiggins Level 1

                  Please, Harm. Of course there are processes running! No other applications, like PPro, Outlook, Word, Firefox.

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                    Eddie Lotter Level 4

                    We really need the details in the link provided in post #1


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                      Steve Wiggins Level 1

                      Eddie, Thanks.... really. Thanks. I have my answer.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        That is informative....

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          What Harm means is that it may be helpful to other readers if you post the details of your answer.

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                            I don't seem to be able to located any resolution(s) to AME crashing, why it seems to crash so much on a variety of systems and what people are doing about it. I am using a project that was created using premiere pro 2.0 and opened into CS4, project had no problems in Pro2.0 on any machine.

                            So here's my dilema with as much details as I have.

                            1. The codecs used in your source clips (use the FREE GSpot or MediaInfo to determine the codec)
                              • none, used tiff sequences
                            2. Premiere Pro
                              1. Version number
                              • 4.0.1(52(MC:160820))
                              1. Installation language
                                • English
                              2. Updates applied
                                • I dont' know how to check for this, I updated today with all available patches until the update system indicated I was "up-to-date"
                              3. Project/sequence settings
                                  • no changes from default settings other than, 1536x864 sized video, 1.0pixel ratio, no audio, ~14video tracks
                            3. Operating System
                              1. Name
                                • Windows XP 64bit Pro
                              2. Update/patch level
                                • SP2
                              3. Installed language
                                • English
                            4. CPU type and speed
                                  • intel q9300 @ 2.53GHz
                            5. Amount of memory (RAM)
                                • 15.9GB
                            6. Video card
                              1. Manufacturer
                                • Nvidia
                              2. Model
                                • Quadra M3700
                              3. Driver version
                                • 176.53
                            7. Number of monitors (displays) in use
                              • laptop LCD and dell 19" lcd at 1280x1024
                            8. Audio card
                              1. Manufacturer
                                • Dell M6400 built in Audio Card
                              2. Model
                                • IDT
                              3. Driver version
                                • 5.10
                                1. Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining
                                  1. Disk setup (partitions used, raid configuration, what is where for OS/projects/media/scratch/audio)
                                  • 2 partions c ~100GB, d~500GB, portable drive~300GB (where movie project and data are located), main drives are raid0
                            9. Hardware capture device UNKNOWN - N/A not needed or used
                              1. Manufacturer
                              2. Model
                              3. Driver version number
                            10. Capture software UNKNOWN - N/A not needed or used
                              1. Name
                              2. Company
                              3. Version
                            11. Comprehensive list of third-party plug-ins you installed.NONE
                            12. Exact text of any error messages
                              • multiple errors, ame doesn't successfully complete the process, errors range from "unknown error" to PProheadless.exe faulting in windows, with memory code (do not currently have fault code can add in later post as rendering is taking hours.)
                            13. Explain clearly what you want to do, what you are doing and what the result is
                              • Render a single sequence from premiere using AME (v4.02.002) in a .wmw format 1536x864, 6000kbps, no audio, 100 quality setting, windows media 9 codec, one pass, constant bit rate.
                            14. Be sure to mention if it is something that worked before using the same procedure
                              • i am able to render snippets of video just not a full sequenc
                            15. Very importantly: Post details of troubleshooting you have already done to avoid "did that" reponses to questions people ask when trying to help.
                              • read all relevant posts i could locate
                              • removed and reinstalled application
                              • fixed pagefile to 1.5x of RAM
                              • applied all available windows and adobe updates
                              • ran project on a Dell 690 64bit XP and Dell t7400 64bit XP using CS4 with the exact same results (meaning AME crashes as random spots and only render a partial video) Ran on Dell 690 32bit XP with CS4.
                              • ran sherlock, no errors for wmv codecs
                              • read through and applied all relevant info from http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting
                              • tried quicktime codecs as well.

                            So there it is in mostly a nutshell, I have three machines with varying architectures, and OSes, all of  which cannot render the full sequences  using AME from a Pro2.0 project. Any Ideas?

                            If I have neglected to post any relevant information, I will be happy to supply. Thank you in advance.

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
                              2 partions c ~100GB, d~500GB, portable drive~300GB (where movie project and data are located), main drives are raid0


                              Sorry, I don't understand this. Do you have ONE physical drive that is partitioned? That is a bad idea. How was the raid set up? What physical disks were involved? What is the connection/interface to the portable drive?


                              If you encode a 14 track timeline from an external drive to the same external drive at this resolution with TIFF's it could very well be your disk setup may be causing problems, especially if it is a USB device.

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                                ahild1 Level 1

                                I beg your pardon for the confusion;

                                I have two physical disks each 320GB, in a RAID 0 configuration, then this "single disk" (at least as far as the OS sees) is partitioned into drives C:\ 100GB and D:\500GB. On the two other machines I tried to run on, they were single partitions per physical disk (for e.g. disk 1 was a 160GB wd 10,000rpm drive).


                                The portable drive is a SimpleTech USB 2.0 drive; it contains all the project data.


                                Thank you for the suggestion, I will move the project to a local disk and re-attempt the rendering. I am curious why rendering worked with Pro2.0 but CS4 AME I get errors when using an external USB drive?






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                                  ahild1 Level 1

                                  Additional details from this mornings crash.

                                  I copied the project to my local physical disk, on my D:\ drive, only to fail to complete the full sequence render again.

                                  Error details:

                                  "PProHeadless.exe - the exception unknown software exception (0xc0000005) occured in the application location 0x02F518cd". this is what i have witnessed on three machines now.

                                  with the details for the crash report indicating that titlecharaterfactory.dll is causing the fault.


                                  What is titlecharaterfactory.dll? and why might it cause AME to crash?

                                  Any ideas?


                                  Thank you.

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                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                    Did you install additional fonts?

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                                      ahild1 Level 1

                                      I had forgotten; Yes, the PRO2.0 project used a legacy FONT NewsGothic - this was installed by copying font to the

                                      c:\windows\Fonts directory.


                                      I have tried to remove the font, but CS4 still seems to find it??


                                      Is there a method for changing all titles in a project to a new font?

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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        I don't know if that will work, but from Control Panel select the font, right click and delete it. Does that solve it? It may require a restart of PR before taking effect.

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                                          ahild1 Level 1

                                          Removed the newsgothic font, restarted machine, reran project (CS4 defaulted to Adobe Casalon Pro font for titles). AME still failed encoding.

                                          "Error compiling Movie. Unknow Error.'

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                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                            Just guessing here. Set your workarea bar to the first half of your timeline and try exporting that. Repeat that for the second half of your timeline. Does it fail on both halfs or is one OK? If the latter, then there is a problem with one of the TIFF's  or there is maybe blank space in your timeline, causing this fault.

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                                              ahild1 Level 1

                                              I have split the timeline; rendering in "halves". I had the beginning half fail, so split that and rendered the quarters, both quarters completed successfully.

                                              I have titles that span the entire sequence, so there are no blank spaces (none at least that I have been able to see thus far).

                                              Are there any methods to detect bad/faulty tiffs?

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                For locating "gaps," I find that zooming in on my Timeline and then hitting PageUP, or PageDN, steps through each Clip. Watch the CTI. It should flow in perfect increments for each Clip. If it judders, or "hiccups," you likely have a gap. If you are zoomed in to max., you *should* be able to see it, but I've found a few that I just cannot see. At that point, you can do one of several things, depending on what your Assets are, and what you want. You can extend the Tail of the previous Clip by one frame, or the Head of the next Clip by that amount. One could also add Black Video, but you'll probably want to increase the gap and add Dip-to-Black before and after it.


                                                As for the TIFF's, I'd check their sizes first. Unless you need to pan around a zoomed out image, they do not need to be much larger than your frame size, say 720x480, or whatever. I cannot think of any way to "test" for bad TIFF's, but maybe someone else will teach us both.


                                                Good luck,