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    Creating a dynamic array in Actionscript

    Cr99 Level 1

      I am wondering how I would create a dynamic array in Acionscript, i.e. one that utilizes fields for mapping data like this:



      public var SMITH:Array = [

                 {date:"29-Aug-05", close:45.87, profit:52},

                 {date:"23-Aug-05", close:45.74, profit:32},

                 {date:"21-Aug-05", close:45.77, profit:22},

                 {date:"25-Aug-05", close:46.06, profit:51},




      but where you would just be reading in data without knowing what your data looks like.  In other words, I'd like to take something like a database table with X number of columns and have Actionsctipt map each row to an item in my array.  Something like this:


      for each row in table

      add {col1:value, col2:value, col3:value, ... colX:value} to Array


      So I won't know "date" or "close" or whatever at runtime, I'll just have X number of items for each element in the array. How would this be done?


      The reason I need this mapping feature is because I then want to map the table-like array as the data provider to charts, datagrids, etc.