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    Form save works in Adobe Reader 8 but not in Adobe Reader 9


      We have an FDA form that customers fill out and save in Adobe Reader.  The form worked perfectly with Reader 8, but we are seeing the following Adobe Reader error with Reader 9:


      "This document enables Reader capabilities that are no longer in this Reader version."


      Also, in Reader 8, the purple bar at the top reads:


      "Please fill out the following form. You can save data typed into this form."


      However, in Reader 9, the purple bar reads:


      "Please fill out the following form. You cannot save data typed into this form.

      Please print the completed form if you would like a copy for your records."



      The same PDF form was used for both readers.


      Does anyone have any ideas?  Did Adobe really disable this capability in Reader 9?  Their website states you can save forms with Reader 9.