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    CS4 Crazy Slow and OPENGL not Working


      Helo guys,


      I had CS3 and worked like a charm. just acquired CS4 and its SOOO SLOW!

      Specially when i use 3D cameras an objects. Everything i do AE takes for ever to process.

      I already tryied all the tips from Adobe (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/9.0/WSF13D6BED-C53B-408a-B2D6-C8B4205D4 FB7a.html) I also updated my video card right now, closed all my other softwares, but still very slow. The project i'm working is very small. Only one AI file imported (simple vectors file), one camera and 5 3D objects. Thats all... still everything is too slow. I can barely work.


      ANY HELP?


      This are my Specs in case you want to know:

      Processor Intel i7 920

      Memory 4GB Ram Kingston 1300hz

      Motherboard Intel DX58SO

      Videocard ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB

      OS Windows Vista 64 ultimate

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          elaine montoya Level 3

          preliminary stuff first...

          - have you made sure the version of AE you are running is current? (in AE go to the Help menu > Updates)

          - have you rebooted your machine


          in the realm of AE, 4GB of RAM isn't a whole lot. That possibly could be your issue. Have you checked how the system resources are being used? Are they maxed?



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            yenaphe Level 4

            Have you turned on Multiprocessing ? If yes, can you turn it off and can you notice any improvement ?


            I7 proc are Quad cores with hyper threading, so it's virtually 8 cores. 4gig of Ram is really not enough for 8 proc, even for 4.


            AE works best starting at 2gb / proc. With your 4go, i would not use multiprocessing, or use 2 cores only.


            Also is Open GL turned on ?

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              rochagabriel Level 1


              THanks a lot. It looks like you are right. I'm about to buy some 4GB more. in some few days for sure. I turned of Multiprocessing and now things are a lot better! The Open GL was on but it was not working properly, bow is working well.
              not perfectly but a lot better now! I'll buy those 4GB.. that should be enough right?



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                yenaphe Level 4

                8Gb is good (I have 8gb on my main PC with vista 64, it's really nice).


                But remember, when you set up your cores, be sure that each core gets at least 2Gb of ram. So with 8gig, working with 3 or 4 core should be perfect !


                (I personnaly work with 3 cores, as i need the last one for my other apps, and allow 7gb to AE)