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    Just 2 Small Changes to Marker/Cue List...Please?

    KenTheriot Level 1

      What I really need is a way to edit/alter the behavior of the Marker List.


      Problem #1:  Deleting a phrase marker in the Marker List window causes AA to bounce all the way back to the top of the list!  Once I have a bunch of phrases marked (usually a few hundred in a 20-30 minute file) and the Marker Window open, I make my way down the list of phrases, deleting alternates and mistakes, until I'm left with the 200 that I need.  Everything is fine until I run out of screen and have to scroll down.  Once that happens, every time I delete a marker, AA scrolls all the way back up to the top, forcing me to scroll BACK down to where I was...sometimes having to FIND my place again.


      Problem #2:  I can't select AND listen to a phrase unless I double-click each marker with my mouse!  When working with hundreds of phrases that I need to audition, having to use the mouse to double-click every.....single...marker gets really time-consuming.  I'd LOVE to be able to just use the keyboard for this.  AA WILL "select" markers if I use the "up" and "down" arrows on the keyboard.  But if I then hit the spacebar to listen, it won't play the selected phrase, but rather will play the last phrase listened to!!  Why?!  I'd really like to be able to let go of the mouse, navigate through the marker list with the keyboard (up and down arrows already do this part) AND be able to hit the spacebar to hear the phrase that is CURRENTLY HIGHLIGHTED.


      That's all I ask:).  It seems like it should be so easy.  Those improvements would make the process of Auto-Mark, finding the best phrases, and batch processing them with the Marker List window just about a killer app for me.