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    Editing format?


      Looking for your advice:


      I'm about to start editing a project that will end up being broadcast locally. The footage is from several different cameras - including XDCAM HD via SS cards and HDV.


      So for the project format in PPro CS4, should I choose HDV 1080i30 or XDCAM HD 1080i30 or something else? Or doesn't it matter?


      I'm assuming that PPro will take whatever clips I input and convert them into whatever the project settings are, yes?


      So the question is, what format do I want it to be exported in?


      Would I decide this based on what media I want to export the final project onto?


      I'll be sending this off to be closed-captioned when I'm thru editing, and we'll be having the CC company make the final broadcast dubs. The CC company can accept just about any format.


      Any advice to help me figure this out is appreciated!


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use one sequence with HDV settings, one with XDCAM settings. For final delivery you need to export one sequence into the format of the other sequence. It depends on where the majority of your shots came from, but I guess that the easiest output format is square pixel format, so XDCAM EX.

          However you are talking about XDCAM HD, so that may mean both formats are 1440x1080, not 1920x1080 with square pixels. Then it does not make much difference what your final delivery will be. Both will be 1440x1080.

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            kirm99 Level 1

            Thanks for the response, but can you clarify? Are you saying build the entire program twice - in two different sequences? and then export one in the other's format? Then what - I'll have two sequences in the same format?


            Also, if I master in XDCAM EX, won't any footage that's 1440 x 1080 be "upconverted" to 1920 x 1080?


            Has anyone out there actually faced this situation? How did you handle it?


            Thanks ~

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              What I mean is you have a sequence with properties A (HDV) and another sequence with properties B (XDCAM HD). You want to output a sequence with properties C (whatever you like). The thing you must do is convert with AME the properties of A to C and B to C. When you combine these resulting sequences into a new sequence C then you are done. I hope this makes sense.

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                kirm99 Level 1

                Sorry, I'm not following you. I need to take scene A (shot in format A) and dissolve or key it over scene B (shot in format B).


                Maybe you mean convert all of the footage from one format into the other first?


                But I think PPro4 allows the combining of various formats in the timeline. ?


                I'm guess I'm just trying to figure out "how to decide what format to edit in - and what format to export in"


                anyone? Bueller? anyone???

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Combining various formats in the timeline is done by nesting. You can't combine for instance SD and HD material in the same sequence. One needs to be converted to the other format and then nested in the other sequence.

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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I would say make a sequence conform the footage you've got the most of.

                    A hdv sequence will handle hd footage just fine and v.v.

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                      Steve Wiggins

                      I do that all the time, Harm, without a problem. Check your facts.

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                        kirm99 Level 1


                        Steve ~



                        Can you tell me a little more about your workflow? I read that the sequence is supposed to be set up either upper field or lower field. But my footage will be both.


                        I'm leaning toward editing in XDCAM EX so it will be 1920 x 1080.


                        Some of the P2 footage I'm using was given to me already on a harddrive, which I transfered to my hardrive. I'll also be including HDV 1440 x 1080 footage and SD footage (without enlarging it)


                        Do you need to do anything to the footage before you import it into PPro?



                        Or would I be better off getting Cineform Prospect HD, so all the clips will be converted into the same intermediary format?