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    flash giving always an error

    DanelKirch Level 1



      im not sure where to post this it touching both AS3 and Flash


      Both times when i have added new classes in my flash via Edit Preferences Actionscript3 and giving a path to class folder and/or giving a path to a specifik SWC file, im always running into an error.


      Warning: unable to load SWC Skrivbord

      (Skrivbord means Desktop)


      now, these files are located on desktop and i always get error when FLA files is placed there.


      not even that helped to copy classes into Classes folder in Local settings... i still get this error ? (i could place FLA in same folder where i collect my classes but its not supposed to go this way ONLY). i have followed up few tutorials to be sure i do everything right when including global classpaths but without any luck


      What i found is that i dont get error sometimes when i place my FLA file ex. on C drive... but sometimes i do get error



      Why is this ? i have flex sdk so it cant be that...

      Why SWC error ?