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    Canon 5D RAW files not opening in Photoshop CS3

    fire orchid

      Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.


      Hey Ho!


      I did a photoshoot at a friend's studio last week, using his Canon 5D as it was all set up with the lights etc etc.


      He saved the files for me as RAW - *.CR2 - as I am used to using with my 450D. The only difference I can see is that his files are numbered like this:




      whereas mine would have an "I" at the front - like it would be:




      I cannot open his files in my Photoshop CS3 - I get the error "Cannot complete your request as it is not the right type of file" or similar. I have no problems opening my own CR2 files from my 450D.


      I have searched this issue on the Adobe forums, as well as other photography forums, and they say to download the plugin update remove the old one and replace it with the new. I have tried following step-by-step, but I still can't get it to work.


      If anyone has come across a similar problem, I would be greatful to hear what you did.


      Thanks in advance.