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    WindowedApplication visible property not staying set

    SpecialK Level 1

      I am developing an AIR application using the WindowedApplication container. The workflow is as follows:


      1) WindowedApplication.visible = false on startup

      2) If the user needs to log in, a new window is created with login controls

      2a) After successful login, the login window is closed and the main application window is opened (visible=true)

      3) If the user does not need to log in, the main application window is opened (visible= true)



      The problem is as follows. In the case where the user does not need to log in, the model is updated (workflowState="online"), which triggers the WindowedApplication.visible=true. I can see the application screen flash briefly but it immediately disappears (visible=false). Clicking on the dock icon or tasbar icon makes the application window visible again. However, if the login window is instantiated, after successful login, the main application window is shown without any issues.


      These model updates are being triggered on creationComplete().


      I have tried tracing through the stack, but I can not find the code path where the visibility of the window is being changed from the correct value of true to false. Any help would be greatly appreciated