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    Modify Text in Button Instance


      Apologies if this has been answered and i've missed it.  I'm totally new to Flash and working with a purchased template.
      My library has an instance of a button symbol which brings up a popup with more information when clicked. All i want to do is change the display text of the button instance. From what i've read i thought i could just double click the instance and modify in the properties but there is nowhere in the properties to change the text. If i need to go into action scripts can some please break it down step by step as everything i've read so far is just confusing and seems to assume everyone knows all about action script. Thanking you in advance.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you view the button in the editor, does it have the text you want to change visible?  If so, to edit that you should only need to doubleclick the button to open it for editing and then select the text in the textfield and change the text.


          If you do not see the text in the button while editing, it is more likely that it is a movieclip symbol made to act like a button, and the text label is assigned in the actionscript code.


          The variety of possible design approaches makes it difficult to cover all of them with explicit direction for you to follow for each case, so you may have to patiently endure some Q&A to resolve this.

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            Newbie_66 Level 1



            Thank you for your reply.  The text was always visible but I couldn’t edit it no matter how many times i double clicked.  I eventually discovered a locked layer which I unlocked and could see the blue line around but still couldn't access the text for editing.  I proceeded to click on each other layer to see what they were. There was a layer I had added in all my playing around which I now deleted then was able to edit what I wanted in the way you suggested. Thank you.