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    Enable "Save" rights for Reader using LC Server


      Hello All,


      To enable the "Save" rights for Reader I can use Acrobat Pro menu option Advanced -> Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader...


      What is the option in Reader Extensions console that maps to this right? Also, what service would this map to in Reader Extension WSDL?






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          Hodmi Level 4

          I believe that "Basic for fill-in" will give you what you are looking for

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            retrospiralis Level 1



            If that is the case please let me know if the following mapping between RE webservice and RE browser UI is correct.


            enabledFormFillIn                     - Basic form fill-in
            enabledFormDataImportExport   - Import and Export form data
            enabledSubmitStandalone         - Submit outside web browser
            enabledOnlineForms                - Database and web service connectivity
            enabledDynamicFormFields      - Add, delete and change form fields
            enabledDynamicFormPages      - Create pages from templates


            enabledBarcodeDecoding      - 2D bar decoding


            enabledDigitalSignatures      - Digital signatures


            enabledComments                - Commenting
            enabledCommentsOnline      - online commenting


            enabledEmbeddedFiles           - Embedded file attachments


            This will help decide the correct WS call.