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    AVI files will not play with Camera Connected???


      I am trying to set up two new HP dv5z laptops with XP Pro SP3 and Premiere CS3.  We have been using this setup on older similar machines. Due to a screwup on HP's site they did not come with built in firewire as they were supposed too.  So we decided a ExpressCared 34mm IEEE 1394a would work fine.  Premiere Captures great no issues with dropped frames or anything.  After a capture when you load in the preview or timeline, you can shuttle through the video fine but if you hit play, the video freezes after a few seconds and only audio continues.  It seemed to do this randomly at first until I realized I was turning my camera off after a bunch of captures to save battery.  When the camera is off the video plays fine.  So I realize it is some issue with the firewire.


      I tested exporting to tape, and this does not work at all.  The control of the camera works but no video.  I have disabled the Firewire under Network connections as one forum mentioned.  I have had the same results testing between mulitple camera's  Sony DSR-250, DSR-PD170 and even my own personal panasonic mini dv camera.  I think it is trying to feed the played video out to the camera when playing it and something won't let it.  The firewire card is a texas instruments chipset and seems to work fine on Capture.


      system is as follows:

      HP dv5z Athlon X2 2 GHz

      2 GB ram

      ATI HD 3200 integrated graphics (never had any issues with integrated as we don't do HD video at all)

      250 GB 5400 rpm hard disk


      This replaced a dv6000 that had the nvidia GPU fail.  Almost identical in all other ways except this computer is 3 years newer and has ATI graphics and ExpressCard Firewire.


      I am thinking of purchasing another Firewire Card locally that is a different Brand  (Current one is Best Connectivity, but reviews were good on these)


      Any help would be great... Slowely going bald on this one...

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When capture is done disconnect the camera from the computer.

          Cameras which stay connected can cause issues.

          When taping back to camera have you set the playback settings to external device?

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            Macgyver777 Level 1

            Well, I have never had problems leaving the camera connected on the previous computers.  Most of our other editors in our news station. www.kcwy13.com have firewire decks attached and that are looped to a CRT production monitor.  While playing/Scrubbing through a timeline it is on the firewire output.  This is with Avid Newscutter.


            I have tried changing all the availible settings under the "playback settings to external device" and no change.  If I try and export a timeline to tape, the deck/camera is controlled correctly and goes into record mode but no video and the freezing of the program happens. The timecode of the Export to tape does not move and no video is on the LCD of the camera.  It just records BLUE.


            I would think this is a driver with the firewire but since the drivers are loaded by the OS I don't know any way they won't work other than some incompatibility with that chipset.  This firewire adaptor has a Texas Instruments Chipset which I heard was the best to have....