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    My preloader does not show up on the screen Flash3 AS2

    Nununa Level 1

      I have a preloader in the fist frame of my movie. My movie has child movies (photo galleries). These are swf files that are linked to the main movie. When I simulate download, the preloader does not show up the fist 50% of the loading time. Then it shows up and works fine. I went to the loader in the Library. Under Linkage, I clicked EXPORT and uncheked "export in first frame". It didn't work. I have still the same problem. Can anyone help me. I am using Flash 3 Action Script 2

      Additionally, when I simulate loading my photo galleries that are linked to the main movie don't show up. this is the code that I am using for the preloader:

      LoaderInt = setInterval (Lbar, 10);
      function Lbar (){
      if(getBytesLoaded() >= getBytesTotal()){
      fill_MC._xscale = (getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal()*100);

      What I am doing wrong?
      Thank you for any help you can give me. I will truly appreciate.


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