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    Strange n-up printing in Reader 9.1


      When I try to print any PDF n-up, I get a strange page order. Reverse pages is Not ticked.

      Eg for 2-up, I get:


      Page 2
      Page 1


      Page 4
      Page 3




      For 4-up printing, I get:


      Page 4Page 3
      Page 2Page 1


      Page 8Page 7
      Page 6Page 5


      Even when Reverse pages is ticked, the sheets come out of the printer in reverse order as expected, but on each sheet, the order is still reversed as shown.


      What I'd like to achieve is "normal" n-up printing:


      Page 1Page 2
      Page 3Page 4


      Other applications on the same computer (WinXP SP3) and same printer (Brother MCF-7820N) print n-up correctly.


      This hasn't always happened, but I can't recall when it started happening. Maybe with a recent Reader update??


      Any ideas appreciated.