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    Help for my plugin

      Good morning,

      I want develop a plugin to export all at once, the photos and metadata (IPTC for now). I can not run the plugin correctly.

      I want to write a text file in the IPTC data, but the plugin does not write the file.

      The contents of the plugin is attached with this message. Once completed, it will be available free to the community. change the extension once the ZIP file you downloaded.

      Can help me? If so, I thank you very much.

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          LeMousticProduction Level 1

          Person for me a little help? This becomes quite urgent that I can debug this plugin ... 

          Please !

          I would be very grateful. 

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            had a brief look at your code a few days ago. While I did not have the chance to make it work, I'd like to summarize/make sure what you are doing (if I remember correctly):


            An ExportServiceProvider with the processRenderedPhotos hook implemented. It is intended to collect metadata from the photos being exported and write them to a single, separate text file. The plugin does not seem to throw any error on export, but the lines concerning text output do not seem to be executed either. Right so far?



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              LeMousticProduction Level 1



              It is exactly that. Thank you very much for your help. Finally as this plugin will be public, you accept that your participation is mentioned in the plugin?


              I want to choose for the IPTC, and then write them into a text file. All this when exporting images at once.


              I step program:


              1 - Creation of the screen to select the IPTC data (done)
              2 - creation of the office to write the text file (I am at this point)
              3 - IPTC data management (backup choices)
              4 - update function to write the text file


              Many thanks..