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    Help - Still images to create timelapse movie??


      Hey guys


      I'm new to this forum and hope somebody knows how to do this!


      Using Premiere Pro CS4, I have dragged all the JPG photos into the Project window and arranged them in order, but if I drag them all into the Video timeline the default display time is about 5 seconds per image which is way too high for a timelapse movie!


      How do I universally set the frame number/time for each still image? - I guess I need about 2 frames per second...


      Please can anyone take me through it step-by-step?




      I haven't seen any results yet (obviously) but is there any functions I should be aware of that will smooth out the 'flicker' of the still images?


      Thanks in advance!




      Q6600 - Nvidia 8800GT - 24"Syncmaster

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4