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    Need help bookending video




      I want to create an .swf file that has a 5-second graphic image, followed by a 2-minute video, and then a different 5-second graphic. I already have the vide in .flv format. I was told to just supply the .swf file, so that makes me think I need to embed the .flv file. But, there is a warning about audio/video synchronization problems when you embed video, and that is indeed what happened.


      I also tried adding the video at the 6-second mark in the file and adding blank space for 2 minutes, then adding a new keyframe and the final 5-second graphic. The timing appeared to work fine, but you couldn't see the video -- you could only hear the audio. I have the video on the top layer, so there isn't anything covering it.


      There must be a way to accomplish what I need. Can somebody give me some guidance? Also, is it possible to get it all into one .swf file without the synchronization problems?


      Thanks for any help you can give me.