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    Automatically copy folder of files onto user's desktop - is this possible?

    LIreland2 Level 1

      Hi, I'm hoping to produce a CD of Captivate lessons to be accessed via a Flash menu. (Using Flash CS4, but with ActionScript 2)


      I can get the files to work from the disc, but as they are large files, they take less time to open if downloaded onto the user's machine first.


      Is it possible to use some ActionScript to take the folder of files and copy them onto the desktop so that I can then point the menu items to the newly copied folder?


      I've seen that there is a download option in ActionScript but this seems to bring up a dialogue box and allows the user to place the files wherever they want.

      Ideally I'd like the process to be automatic.


      Can it be done?


      BTW my knowledge of ActionScript is a tad rusty, so please be patient if I have tons of questions!