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    Messaging w/ Complex Data Types

    r.schmitt-lwkPIe Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      I'm having issues trying to pass complex data type objects I created using the BlazeDS messaging service.

      To be more exact, I have an AC3 class "Cargo" that I wrote that contains only five public properties of type 'String': contents, length, width, height, and weight. The application I wrote allows the user to enter these properties using text input components, and then publishes the Cargo object through the Producer.send() function.

      Below is the pertinent code:

      private function sendMessage():void {
      var message:AsyncMessage = new AsyncMessage();
      messageObj.contents = ti_contents.text; //messageObj is of type 'Cargo'
      messageObj.length = ti_length.text; //ti stands for TextInput, as I am grabbing the user's input.
      messageObj.width = ti_width.text;
      messageObj.height = ti_height.text;
      messageObj.weight = ti_weight.text;
      message.body = messageObj;
      producer.send( message );

      private function messageHandler( event:MessageEvent ):void {
      messageObj = Cargo( event.message.body ); //TYPE COERCION ERROR HERE!!!!

      The sending and receiving work fine, I'm having no issues getting the messaging service to work. However, when I cast the 'event.message.body' as type 'Cargo' I get a type coercion error.

      I cannot find help with this anywhere as all the examples use Strings or other primitive types.

      Any suggestions on how to get this to work?