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    Problem with preview of imported or captured video and audio


      Hello, everybody!


      I need a bit of help. I have my own business of cumputer technical support. I have problem with computer of one my client.



      Windows of this computer crashed and I was asked to reinstall the system. Client has Premiere CS4, and it worked fine. After reinstall I installed latest video drivers and etc. But it doesn't matter if I import video or capture happens the same thing. I move video with audio to timeline and want to preview. Preview window shows the first frame of video, but if I hit "play", it do nothing. I can slide slider through the timeline, frames are changing but as I said if I hit "play" nothing happens. One more thing: As I know, when video is moved to timeline, there shoul appear red line for rendering or smth like that (I'm not a pro in Premiere), but it doesn't. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance!