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    read data.config file


      hi all

      how r u, i hope all are good

      iam building flex project connecting with dotnet web service

      everything is great but i have only one problem

      my problem is security, if any one knew the url of the webservice he can use all its functions, i solved this problem by making a key must be entered to each function to run, to avoid entering this key in the swf file(to prevent publishing it if swf file decompiled) i put this key in a file on the server, flex read it and pass to the webservice i faced another problem if anybody knew the path of the file how can i prevent it from downloading ? i search the net but i didnt find anything but i discovered that some extensions iis prevent downloading it by itself one of them is .config, my problem now that i cant read this file in flex if i changed its extension to xml every thing works good, so my question is .. how can i a text file containing one line with .config extension (data.config)

      sorry and thank u for all