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    FLV, etc...

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      I created a .asp page and went to import --> media, in order to bring in a FLV onto the page. I see a gray box with the Flash logo, but nothing plays, not even in the browser.


      Is there anything else I need to make it work?


      Also, when I open the FLV as a stand-alone file to randomly play on my PC, the dimensions of the window are quite small. Does that have to do with the way the videographer compressed the file? Would the videographer need to modify settings on his end to get the overall picture larger?


      Lastly, I thought the MPG would also be best to play on both Windows Media and also Quicktime...This file is an MP4...when I upload to the web and type in the URL, it cannot be found...the movie extension looks like this: mymovie.com/movie.mp4  - - why won't it launch to play?


      Thank you!

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          OK, it reads like you are having multiple problems with multiple files?


          First you mention an FLV that won't play.  I am assuming this means when you upload it to the server, since ASP pages don't typically run locally.


          The first thing to check is that you uploaded all of the necessary files.  These files include, 2 SWF files (player and skin), the FLV itself, and likely a JS file for the object embed. The next thing to check, if you uploaded all necessary files, is that the server is set-up to serve FLV files.  The FLV MIME-TYPE needs to be added to the server settings for this to work.


          Next you mention the dimensions of the video.  If you are opening the FLV stand-alone in an FLV player and the size is small, then likely you will need to have the videographer encode a new version that is larger. You can try to change the width and height settings in the Flash object embed, which will scale it up in the browser, but the quality may suffer.


          As for the MP4 file - I would check that the server has a MIME-TYPE for MP4 as well.  If the file is there, and you get a 404 when you type the actual address into the browser, then it is likely that the server doesn't serve MP4 files.

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