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    "Else if" navigation script problem

    Garry Bradley Level 1

      Can somebody help an amateur out here. I've got a navigation menu that relies on this following script to control what state appears when the relevant section loads.


      if (inID == 0) {
      } else if (inID == _root["arr"+selArrayName].length-1) {
      } else {


      I'm trying to figure out what I need to add to get the navigation buttons to be greyed out (which is frame 1 of 'navi' with "none" label) because the section doesn't have any following pages, it's just an address page.
      You can see the full animation at
      in the Contact Us section.


      I presume it's another 'else if' command but I'm a little confused what to do.


      Ned, if you see this, I did try and solve it myself but I came up against the knowledge block:-)