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    Resolving heavy load on CPU when viewing timeline


      Good morning


      I'm not 100% familiar with CS4 Premier, as I don't use it - I'm just the IT guy trying to solve the Marketing guy's problem


      He came to me saying that when he plays a video clip, the performance is fine.  When he puts it in the timeline, we see about 2 seconds of smooth video, then it starts to get unusably choppy.


      We had already installed a 2nd 7200 RPM Sata drive to put the scratch space on.  We've tried moving the clips there, and the scratch to another disk, but this offered no change in performance.


      Running Perfmon showed that the CPU seems to be hit really hard by 2 processed - Premier and a converter service process (I think - don't have the process names written down).


      The machine is an Intel 3 GHz on an Intel DP43TF motherboard, 2GB RAM.  The vide card is an NVidia 9600GT, which I note is missing from the list of supported cards.


      What can I do to improve performance at all?  Would a card from the supported list help to offload some of the work?