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    SFTP Connection fails


      Have been using Adobe Contribute CS3 version 4.1 for some time. We recently upgraded our FTP server to WS_FTP set only to accept SFTP connections. Contribute worked fine with the new server for over a month (after editing the connection configuration in Contribute from FTP to SFTP). But now I cannot get Contribute to connect properly. If I edit the connection and click next, it gets to the point saying "Testing Connection" then displays the following error "An error has occured. Please contact your Administrator."

      I have WinSCP installed on the same PC as Contribute and it can connect fine with our SFTP server so it's not a firewall or port blocking issue. When I look at the log on the SFTP server the log shows that Contribute authenticates and connects properly, but errors while trying to STAT and OPEN/WRITE some temporary files that do not exist on the server. The errors in the log show "File not found."


      Anyone have any ideas on what these temp files are and why it is attempting to write to a file that isn't there? I would appreciate any help on this issue.


      Shaun Copas