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    Uploading Flex project breaks it


      Hi there,  This is probably a result of something incredibly silly. A while ago I would find it easy to create a release version in FB3 and put the new SWF online. It always works, I just restructured my code to use multiple .AS files which I include in the mxml as such:   Whenever I upload the project online now, the application hangs (http://eplant.mozzly.com/ePlant.html). Just sits there doing nothing. I'm wondering if I'm missing something important...what the heck could I have forgotten to do? If I pop the file into a local webserver on my dev system...it loads correctly.  The application depends on a config.json file which is the first thing it pulls. The web version doesn't seem to do this but my locally hosted one works perfectly...  Ack. What could it likely be?