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    "An internal error occured" when trying to launch off the network.


      Hi Gents,


      We are running Abobe reader 9 on a RM CC3 Network and found that when a station or laptop is not on the network you get a error when tryin to launch adobe reader.  "An internal error occured" then another error box with reference to memory not being read.


      When runing reg mon I notice a process just as the application starts and says "set Value" then sets a registry value in


      HKCU/Software/Microsoft/windows/Current version/Explorer/Shell Folder/appdata  (N:\Mysettings\AppData)


      I would like to application to as default set the app data folder to the local drive and always look here instead of looking on the network drive.  This is causing problems when poeple are taking laptops home.


      Any ideas would be much appreciated


      Cheers Mike