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    PE3.02 Out of Memory



      2.66GHz intel quad

      2.75G RAM (4G installed)

      Nvidia 680i Mbd.

      Nvidia 8800GTX video

      Source DV AVI files ex-Sony.


      Have previously edited/burned many videos up to 1hr 15 min long with no problems. Am now trying to render+burn 1hr 30 min video but constantly get message "Out of Memory". I have just doubled the RAM and gone through all the relavent Tech Notes, etc., and am now desperate for advice - please!

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Apart from the DV-AVI files (were these captured in Sony Vegas by the way? Vegas captures as DV-AVI type 2 and so this should not be an issue) on your timeline do you have any other media? Over sized photos can give rise to such memory issues. If you do try resizing them to 1000x750.

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            bmc1500@aol.com Level 1

            DV files were captured straight from Sony HDR-HC3E camcorder over firewire (not HD format!) to timeline with scene detect on.


            Yes the still pics are full size jpegs from two cameras so I will try downsizing them next. Thx.

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              bmc1500@aol.com Level 1

              I guess that size is for 4:3 ?  Presumably I should use 1000 x 563 for widescreen?

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                Kodebuster Level 3

                As far as 4:3 or 16:9, PE will encode to your Project Preset of choice, but keeping photo pixel count within guidelines will reduce the workload for PE (big time)...


                Downsize your photos based on a pixel count not to exceed 1000 (typically set the Image Resize function of your photo editor of choice to "keep aspect ratio").


                If you set one attribute (length or width) usually the editor will auto magically set the other and keep the photo in perspective.

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                  bmc1500@aol.com Level 1

                  Have made a little progress:

                  by using the workbar to cover small groups of unrendered previews I have found two places where it so-say runs "Out of Memory", at which point I saved, closed and rebooted the computer. (A very long process... about 15 times so far).  Both were clips which I had reversed. By turning them round to normal they finally rendered.


                  There must be something drasticly wrong in the programme if it cannot cope like this? I have spent a lot of time money on my computer in good faith lately and reading other postings suggests that PE7 has similar problems, so I cannot see a way forward?

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                    Paul_LS Level 4

                    The only real workaround on large or complex projects is to break them into smaller chunks. Create sub-projects (say 30 minutes each) and when completed export these as DV-AVI (File>Export>Movie) and bring these into a master project for final editing and adding DVD markers/menu before burning.


                    With your current project you could export it in 30 minute sections, once rendered to DV-AVI, rather than clips with effects added, a master project will be able to handle it easily.


                    It would be nice if Adobe could resolve these memory issues, save having to use this workaround.