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    Reader 9.1 Print Error Image at fault?


      This is a print problem I've had since upgrading to Reader 9.0. I now have Reader 9.1 on windows XP using an HP Inkjet 2800.


      My desktop serves as the network host for one other desktop, which is also running Windows XP, uses the same printer however uses Reader 8.1 with NO problems.


      I've tried all the settings, drivers, yada yada yada that has been suggested on other threads with no change in the problem. So, lets not go backward, please!


      When I attempt to print most, but not all, .pdf files I get a blank page followed by a page with the following message


      ERROR:   typecheck













      Some documents I print directly from a website, some I've downloaded and saved and others have been e-mailed to me. They include MSDS sheets, tax returns from my CPA and court documents via the PACER system or e-mailed as an attachment.


      Over several months time, this is the common factor I have seen on the problem documents. Each of the documents that print the error have had an image or text box ADDED to the document.


      For example, this link shows an MSDS sheet that the seller appears to have scanned, then added the text box containing their stock number. I can select, copy, paste to Word and print pages 3-4 but cannot select or print page 1 which has the added text box. I can save to file however the print problem doesn't change. http://www.mcmaster.com/#1618100-topcoat-1000vs--070708/=1o6uvr


      This problem was also evident when trying to print court documents that had been created by the court then had information added as an image, such as a watermark, signature or court logo.


      I have been very frustrated that I cannot print .pdf documents since the 9.1 upgrade yet they all work fine on the 8.1 as well as my desktop at home using Vista and a version of reader older than 9.0 (8.0 or 8.1?)


      I haven't seen anyone post they get the same error nor I have seen any other thread mention the added (imbedded?) text box or image.


      I did follow one piece of advice and set the print settings as print to image, this DID print the entire document however it was unreasonably slow to print 4 pages.


      Has anyone else experienced this or connected the image addition with a print problem?

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          Pete from NYC

          I have an error in Pacer which does not allow me to download (via the diskette icon) in Pacer.  -see attached pdf file of screen print


          I don't know if it is 9.1 Reader, since (like you) this did not happen under Adobe Reader 8, and I can't test it via downloading Adobe 8, which is no longer available.

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            41chevy Level 1


            I have not experienced a problem downloading from Pacer as you have. Have you tried opening a random file on Pacer and downloading that? Maybe their link is problematic on the file(s) you wanted. You could even try the one I have a link posted for.


            I am having difficulties downloading the Adobe Reader 9.1 update. It keeps showing an error that a network path is unavailable, yada yada yada. I have changed nothing on my computer and when I downloaded Reader 9.0 I do recall that the download instructions sepcifically mentioned it changes the location where it installs 9.0 from previous versions.

            Does Adobe not know to send the update to the new location that THEY selected? Or is this some other glitch? I am the only person who uses my desktop.


            I am really tired of e-mailing .pdf files home to print them. I find it shameful that Adobe enjoys the benefits of widely used and popular document generating software and won't provide tech support to those who must use their free reader to view them. If they enjoy the benefits of an industry standard they should support it as well. I can't even get downloading help.