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    Flex vs. Javascript - Some help appriciated :D

    Buch90 Level 1


      I just recently found out about adobe air and thought it was a great thing to have so I could run apps on both mac and windows. So I started to look into all this and found it was a lot more greater than visual basic c++ and others. So I started building my application with javascript and jQuery since thoose are the two I am most familiar with, but later on I discovered that air applications can also be made with Flex I just thought WOW! Since they have their built in easy transitions and already nice looking skins for every thing I thought that it would perhaps be better.
      But now I keep looking at Flex and Javascript codes and keep saying to myself that Javascript is a lot simpler though when I see applications made using Flex I keep thinking how easy they must have been made.
      So what is your pick/recomendation on this?
      Best regards