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    problem with fireworks popup menu in dreamweaver, has a huge box.

      hi, i made a popup menu in fireworks, and when i open that html page in dreamweaver, there is a huge white box around the popup menu area, so that i cant type anything under the menu or anywhere near it. i was wondering how i get rid of this white box. any help greatly appreciated. thanks. derek

      here is the code

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          pixlor Level 4
          You have Dreamweaver, which is a wonderful and powerful program for building HTML. So why are you trying to build a navigation menu in Fireworks, which is a graphics program? Please. I beg you! Save yourself hours of headaches: create your graphics in Fireworks and your HTML in Dreamweaver.

          For example, this code would be impossible to maintain. Here's one of your navigation items:
          img src="untitled-4_r2_c2.gif" alt="" name="untitled4_r2_c2" width="98" height="48" border="0" id="untitled4_r2_c2"
          Do you even know which image this is or which link it's intended to take? Create your images with decent names like "contact.gif" or "products.gif" so you can write clear code.

          The first row and the first and last columns of your table have 1-pixel spacer gifs. Fireworks always puts in spacer gifs. If you're not aware of them, and take them out, you might get to later stages of your development process and wonder why you couldn't get your navigation menu to line up with everything else.

          As for that "big white box," it's a combination of the div the table is in and the 100% width on the table:
          div id="FWTableContainer1329034333
          table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100"
          I have no idea what the div CSS is doing, but if I comment it out and take out the 100% width attribute on the table, then I get something that behaves more reasonably. FWTableContainer1329034333 isn't in your code, but it still does something in my system, so either the long strings of numbers don't matter or it's coming from some place else and who knows what it is.

          My point is, that by letting Fireworks write bad code for you, you've set yourself up with something that doesn't work and is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to debug and maintain. Why would you do this to yourself?