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    Premiere/AME - poor quality issue, even uncompressed

    J.A. Ames Level 1



      I've been pulling my hair out over a problem. I'm new to Premiere but not to technical processes. I get the feeling I'm missing something very simple, since the problem is so profound.




      Creating an AVI (or MOV) results in a low quality movie.. even when I output as an uncompressed AVI.


      Here is a sample: http://purefable.com/outputsample.jpg


      The left image “FSA” I grabbed from an AVI output by AE. The right is from an uncompressed AVI output from Premiere (via Media Encoder). It's the same video, just brought into Premiere.


      As you can see the text has jaggies. I originally saw this trying to output imported SWF, and thought it might be SWF related.. but then I created the text with After Effects with the same result.


      I'm running Vista Ultimate 64bit. However this is the second machine I've seen this issue on. I started on XP Pro 16bit with the same horrible output problem. Now on Vista I'm seeing the same thing. To me it looks like the movie is being rendered out in permanent preview mode.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      (I've attached same sample)