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    CS4 crashes on quit

    Ief_DR Level 1

      Hallo everybody,


      I have an annoying problem. When I quit a CS4 Standard-application, very often the application crashes. I get an error message saying that I did something irregulary during quit. But I simply closed the program (cmd + Q). I'm on an Intel Mac (OSX 10.5.6)


      I don't know what I could have done wrong?!


      By the way. I can't login to this forum with the Safari-webbrowser, it works only with Firefox.


      Thanks for any help.





        • 1. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
          Level 4

          Which CS4 Application?


          There are at least four applications in the standard creative suite

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            Ief_DR Level 1

            All my CS4 applications (Bridge, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) crash on quit (not always, but very often). What can I do?



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              Level 4

              make a new user see if they still quit

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                Ief_DR Level 1

                That's not a good idea. When I log in as a different user, all my documents, etc aren't accessible. Is there some sort of sollution? Cause I had serious problems with Photoshop. I reinstalled this and now it works correctly. It just crashes (as all my other CS4 Design Standard-apps) on quit.


                It's an official version of CS4, I bought the update about a month ago.



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                  A new user is a great trouble shooting tool. If you can't do that you will be stabbing in the dark.

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                    Stiksi Level 1

                    I can confirm I have the same problem with CS4 Design Premium. At least Bridge, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator have sometimes given me error messages when quit. It doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on the system, so I'm not that concerned. I'll admit it's very annoying though.


                    I have two systems - a mac pro 2008, on which I rarely get errors, and a macbook late 2007, on which I frequently get errors. I'll have to try the new user test when I have a little more time.

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                      adman1 Level 1

                      I too have the same issue.  All my CS4 apps crash when I quit each program.

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                        Ief_DR Level 1

                        I'm not the only one.

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                          Theo Duijkers Level 1

                          same problem here. Does not happen when I start one of the apps and immediately quit, only after (say) a days work. I usually leave my machine on all the time, but when I have to restart, ALL of my CS (3+4) apps crash (sometimes I have to force quit, because the app doesn't respond).


                          Running 10.5.7 on a 2x3Ghz quadcore MacPro (10G Ram)

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                            oldschoolmx Level 1

                            Same problem here too....It's especially bad with Bridge, but I've seen it in DW, and Flash.


                            AE is horrible but I've been told it's related to an open script window.


                            This has been going on for quite some time and I'm amazed it's not been fixed.

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                              adman1 Level 1

                              I agree, Bridge is the worse.

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                                spagolli94 Level 1

                                I don't have an issue with crashing - they just take forever and a day to actually quit.

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                                  Claudia Uscategui Level 1

                                  Same thing for me. It crashes all the time, specially Flash. I bought the CS4 upgrade last year, after spending $700 I thought I had done a  wonderful thing...now I feel so stupid for falling in this upgrading game. CS3 was so perfect and never crashed. If I could I would ask for my money back.

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                                    kikuchiyo Level 1

                                    I've had the same problem ever since I've upgraded to CS4.


                                    I'm not even sure the apps are crashing, but possibly just triggering the crash reporter incorrectly? Have you tried reinstalling the suite? I was also considering turning off the crash reporter. I haven't because I don't want to ignore the issue in case it causes corruption or other issues down the road.

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                                      vdwpeter Level 1

                                      Same issue here. The crash reporter is launched now and then on most CS4 apps when quiting them.   The Crash Data itself is blank.  Pretty annoying!

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                                        martindoersch Level 1


                                        I have the problem when Spaces is turned on. If so, all the apps form the CS4 design standard will crash (I'm not shure if Acrobat crashes too). If I work without Spaces--which I usually do--I have hardly any problems with crashing.

                                        Try to rebuild your preferences: Press and hold down cmd+alt+crtl+shift and double-click the application in your application folder. Hold down the keys as long as a dialog appears. (This doesn't work for Illustrator and Acrobat).

                                        Maybe the apps have some issue with the cocoa/carbon integration. I hope that this issue will be fixed with CS5 and/or SnowLeopard.

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                                          Level 4

                                          Adobe does not play well with spaces. Adobe engineers have commented that this is an Apple problem that Apple has not fixed yet maybe in snow Leopard. As you have found the workaround is not to use spaces.

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                                            edit4all Level 1



                                            Using the command+option+control+shift on launch seems to fix the solution. I don't use spaces so I know that wasn't causing the problem. Maybe it did when I experimenting with it a long time ago. But doing that fix not only fixed the crashing, Photoshop launches almost instantly. Before it took over 10 seconds. Maybe it has something to do with the type fonts because I don't see that bar anymore.



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                                              AynRandWasRight Level 1

                                              Same problem here (Ind, AI and PSD) - and I do use Spaces. Very annoying after months of sending in crash logs ...

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                                                vdwpeter Level 1

                                                command+option+control+shift doesn't fix the issue here.

                                                I don't use Spaces.

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                                                  martindoersch Level 1

                                                  I also still have the problem. I keep searching.

                                                  • 22. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                    adman1 Level 1

                                                    Using the command+option+control+shift on launch seems to fix the solution for me too.  I'll check back if it shows up again.

                                                    • 23. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                      spagolli94 Level 1

                                                      Clearing your prefs is a temporary fix. The apps will run faster at first. But after you spend an hour setting all your prefs again and actually use them for a day or two, they take forever to quit again. I don't get a crash error when the quit. As long as I'm patient and wait up to 10 minutes, the apps will eventually quit.


                                                      If I launch an app and don't do any work, then quit it, it happens very fast. It's only after I've been doing a day or two worth of work that they take forever to quit.

                                                      • 24. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                        edit4all Level 1

                                                        It does the same with After Effects after working with heavy stuff. I wonder if it's taking the time to close everything off the scratch disk..... All the history, layers, etc needs to be removed.

                                                        • 25. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                          spagolli94 Level 1

                                                          I think that's a big part of it. Look at your disk space available before quitting all your CS4 apps. Then check it again after they've all quit. Mine goes up as much as 10GB sometimes...

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                                                            Rick Meikle Level 1

                                                            Adding fuel to the fire...CS4 apps have been crashing upon quit all along. Usually not Bridge or Acrobat, often Photoshop and InDesign, nearly always Illustrator. (I don't use other CS4 apps much.) My current suspicions have been centered around Illustrator, as other apps tend to quit normally if Illustrator hasn't been started up. (Various telltales have led me to question if Illustrator plays nice with RAM.) But it sounds like other users are having similar problems without implicating Illustrator. Didn't have this problem with CS3 and earlier at all. Upgraded from 4GB RAM to 8GB about the same time as CS4, when CS4 was released, so that could be a factor. RAM is from Rambus and Crucial, and tests and performs flawlessly. Also upgraded to Leopard at about the same time, and so I also have suspicions about Leopard, which has been much more finicky than Tiger. Running 10.5.7 (Spaces turned off) on a dual G5. (And, yes, I also have suspicions about Power PC vs. Intel chips.) All CS4 updates are applied, and system housekeeping is kept up-to-date (Disk Warrior, Cocktail). In my estimation there is a flaw in CS4, possibly stemming from how it interacts with Leopard, RAM, and/or Power PCs.

                                                            • 27. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                              AynRandWasRight Level 1

                                                              Very interesting - I, too, have the distinct impression that Illustrator is the culprit here. Can't recall the crash on quit problems when Illustrator wasn't running along with the rest of the Suite, and yet - the problem isn't reproducible 100% of the time with Illustrator running.

                                                              • 28. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                Rick Meikle Level 1

                                                                Yes, the problem is flaky, which might favor a complex behavior difficult to pin down because of shifting variables (i.e., a moving target). Crash-on-quit happens immediately (or nearly so) upon invoking quit, which implies that whatever happens during the normally drawn out quit process is largely left undone. The irony is that, barring any real world consequences, this is like a "Fast Quit" feature--but with an annoying crash alert tacked on.

                                                                • 29. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                  oldschoolmx Level 1

                                                                  I am still having this problem across multiple Adobe apps. Photoshop doesn't do it but Bridge, Dreamweaver and I think Flash do it. I swear Bridge crashes *every* time I quit it.


                                                                  This has been going on for more than six month....maybe closer to a year. Still no fix? I don't understand what is happening to Adobe but I have decreasing faith in the company's direction and commitment to quality software.


                                                                  I use a TON of applications that never ever ever ever crash...and that are developed with far less resources ($, staff). Even Cinema 4D which is has a ton of complex features virtually never crashes.


                                                                  I've been a certified Adobe consultant and trainer, and used apps since the early 1990's.  Abobe ain't what it used to be.

                                                                  • 30. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                    kikuchiyo Level 1

                                                                    I continue to have this issue as well. I was hoping Snow Leopard would help, but still it continues. There must be a solution. I've tried every suggestion on this thread without any luck. I wish Adobe would acknowledge this (or if they have, point us in that direction). The most annoying side effect is having all my application settings forgotten every time I quit an application.

                                                                    • 31. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                      spinkse Level 1

                                                                      I have the impression the problem is somehow related to Growl. I just disabled Growl, and the crashes on quit seem to have stopped for now.


                                                                      Fingers crossed...



                                                                      • 32. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                        adman1 Level 1

                                                                        How do I disable Growl?




                                                                        • 33. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                          spinkse Level 1

                                                                          If you are using it, there will be a Preference Pane for Growl in System Preferences (under the Apple menu).

                                                                          • 34. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                            spinkse Level 1

                                                                            Oops... Another InDesign crash. Back to the drawing board, I'm afraid.


                                                                            Strange. If you use a CS4 app only for a short while, it will quit without invoking Crash Reporter. Only if you have been using it a bit longer, Crash Reporter rears its ugly head.





                                                                            • 35. Re: don't contact support; we're on our own
                                                                              kikuchiyo Level 1

                                                                              I made the mistake of contacting Adobe Support on this issue. Wow, one of the worst support experiences I've ever had.


                                                                              First they sent me two irrelevant KB articles. It didn't seem like the agent was even reading my responses so I called. The agent told me CS4 doesn't come with any support and I'd need to buy a support contract (even though the Adobe website clearly states the opposite "Application products include two complimentary technical support incidents. Suite products include four complimentary technical support incidents. The Master Collection includes six complimentary technical support incidents.") after persisting the agent said he could help with installation problems and my problem was likely bad media. They sent me new discs and after using the Adobe cleaning utility to completely remove any trace of previous installation I reinstalled from the new media. The problem persisted.


                                                                              I then responded with a request to speak with a manager or department head. This request was simply ignored and again I received yet another irrelevant KB article. So I called again. This time they offered a refund (wtf? Yeah, I think I'll give up design and become an architect). So again I persisted and actually got through to technical support. This agent at least tried to help, but ultimately told me to delete my preferences and how to disable the crash reporter.


                                                                              I realize times are tough and everybody needs to cut back on expenses. But this is the worst support experience I've ever had period. (I've been using Adobe products since 1994.) I think Quark may actually have been better in comparison (and I hate Quark). I've been a staunch Adobe supporter for years, but I'd have to say, if I had options, this would make me think twice about future purchases.


                                                                              Sorry for the essay, but like the rest of you, I'm very frustrated.

                                                                              • 36. CS3-4 apps crashed on Quit for YEARS in Tiger and Leopard
                                                                                James Donato Level 1

                                                                                I've used Adobe apps since 1988. I've used the CS suite since they changed the branding. In 2005 I started at a company on a 2x1.8 G5 Mac Pro in Panther. CS and CS2 worked flawlessly, even after upgrading to Tiger. When I upgraded to CS3 the apps got very unstable. Quitting after a day's work (AI and PS were open all day with ID often joining them) always hung each and every app. Then a force quit was necessary in order to shut down the computer for a day (old habits die hard). I held back on CS4 until I upgraded my box to a 8-core Mac Pro. CS4 is more of the same. I now leave my box in sleep mode at the end of the day, but if I were to quit the apps, they do trigger the annoying crash reporter, and of course my prefs are not saved if changed. This is most annoying when I want the convenience of using recent file open. This is not your father's Adobe.

                                                                                • 37. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                                  bobisr23a Level 1

                                                                                  I just purchased Photoshop CS4 Essential and my pc crashes when I try to exit Bridge. It may have happened while in Photoshop too. I am not 100% sure I remember which app I was in because I did not take it as seriously in the beginning. I figured it was something else or something I did wrong but now CS4 is doing something wrong. I know this is a Mac thread but does anyone know if it is happening a lot with PC too. I will keep looking for help. Thanks for listening.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                                    martindoersch Level 1

                                                                                    bobisr23a wrote:


                                                                                    I just purchased Photoshop CS4 Essential and my pc crashes...

                                                                                    Hi bobisr23a.

                                                                                    Do you have all updates installed for the Adobe Apps?

                                                                                    Use the Adobe updater for this--go to the help menu in photoshop and choose update.

                                                                                    Best regards


                                                                                    • 39. Re: CS4 crashes on quit
                                                                                      spinkse Level 1

                                                                                      It seems as if yesterdays 10.6.2 update fixed the Crash Reporter bug for me. Anyone else with the same experience?





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