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    eSubmission Solution Accelerator - Invite external user


      I'm trying to use the external user invitation functionality of the eSubmission Solution Accelerator from the review portal. In the generated email to the invited user, the username shows up as "Dear $recepient_name" instead of the actual name of the invited user. When you click on the link in the email that takes you to the page that allows the user to register, the name shows up correctly there. It's just not replacing $recepient_name with the invited user's actual name.


      FYI - when a user is part of a review process the email that is generated for review notification contains the correct user name. The HTML templates for all these email notifications use the same $recepient_name.



      -Andy Rosenfeld

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          Hi Andy,


          The variable recepient_name is injected in the email templates at runtime. In the external user registration email notification, there's also a variable named auth_key which makes the registration URL unique for tha particular user (and is used to pull user details when clicked). Above two variables are populated together.


          In the problem you mentioned, if the URL you get in mail is correct I see no possibility of recepient_name not getting populated.


          Since this thread is about 4 months old, are you still facing this issue? If yes, please revert with server logs.



          Ankit Narang

          LiveCycle SA Team