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    Suddenly can't open .eps files in FW8


      Hi all-


      I suddenly can't open .eps files in FW8.  Starts to open and then says "Internal error occurred"  Text tool is also acting up.   I think it may be related to one of the extensions I downloaded  from the Adobe Exchange.  Or, maybe it was something I did.  Probably the latter.  Either way, it seems like my FW8 has gotten corrupted.   Ran spyware, adware, defrag, and virus scans.  Even talked nice to my computer, but nothing has worked.  I looked for patches or downloads on Adobe's site but there are none for FW8.


      Anyway, I'm guessing my only option is to reinstall, unless someone out there has a better idea.  If I do reinstall, does it erase everything?  Meaning, will I lose all extensions and all the settings?


      Thanks for your help!